Collective Embarrassment 

There’s a certain feeling that many black people are accustomed to feeling. It’s that feeling of embarrassment for the entire black community when a fellow black person is acting out in public. You feel like all the non-black folks witnessing the events are judging you guilty by association. 

That’s the unfortunate reality of being a minority. Just from being near an event, you must also be complicit in the act. You can’t ever be an individual. And that’s an all too normal tragedy. 


One thought on “Collective Embarrassment 

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  1. Well, you refuse to police your own; you call us racist when we police you; and you – despite your claims of embarrassment – endorse, support, and glorify those who are “acting out” or, at least, those that they are emulating.

    What do you expect to happen to you?

    And get off your unearned high horse. Being judged collectively isn’t just a minority thing. Your sort and your “allies” judge Whites the same way, elsewise we would have terms like “White Privilege” or “Systemic Racism.”

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