Rather You Than Me – Review 

Rick Ross’ last couple of releases have been forgettable, but Rather You Than Me is a return to form. It’s the best Ross album in 5 years. 

The album opens strongly with “Apple of My Eye”. Ross is a master of the soulful, introspective track, and it shows here. Raphael Saadiq provides another amazing feature. 

The muted energy continues into “Santorini, Greece” and “Idols Become Rivals”. “Idols…” is a deeply personal airing out of Birdman. Chris Rock brings down an otherwise perfect track. 

Unfortunately, the album loses steam when it moves into the trap tracks with Thugger, Future, etc. The tracks aren’t bad, but they don’t really fit with the vibe of the album. 

The album picks back up with “I Think She Like Me” and “Powers That Be” featuring Ty Dolla $ign and Nas, respectively. The album is solid here on out. 

“Maybach Music V” features the surprising and effective choice of Dej Loaf. As a fan of Dej, it was great to hear her on a series I think so highly of. 

Rather You Than Me is a definite Recommend


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