I was bullied for over a decade but pageantry has helped me increase my self-confidence!

From a friend.

Miss Piedmont 2017 Blog


Throughout my years in elementary, middle, and high school I experienced bullying every day. This bullying ranged from being jumped in a bathroom, having trash stuffed in my mouth, having people dump food on my plate during lunch and call me anorexic and/or bulimic, etc. I rode the bus on and off throughout school and almost every time I would get home I would cry…sometimes for hours. To this day I can vividly remember crying on the bus after school, crying on my mom’s white staircase, and of course crying in bed. To describe how bullying accurately made me feel is almost impossible because in many ways it is indescribable. I experienced both physical and verbal assaults but the verbal assaults had longer lasting impressions. When you are bullied at school, you bring it home with you and most of the time torture yourself…constantly trying to figure if I…

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