Iron Fist – Episode 13 Review

For some reason, this episode opens with Meachum plots. I don’t want too much of this in a season finale. Danny is the star so let’s only focus on him.

I saw the Stan Lee poster. *As an aside, Lee’s health is not good. I hope he pulls through, but he’s pushing to a century.

It seems like everyone in the Meachum family is a good and bad guy multiple times. It’s too much. I couldn’t trust any of them, family or not. However, there’s nothing I can do except watch.

Danny finally learns what everyone watching assumed from the beginning. Finn drowning in anger and sorrow is rough. He makes the typical foolish decision that endangers everyone because he can’t control his emotions.

He makes a display of power that has me wondering why he never did something this cool before. That’s TV logic for you.

The action wasn’t as long as I would have liked, but it was pleasing. I don’t quite understand the penultimate ending scene. Why is Joy meeting with him? How did that even come about? Danny’s discovery at the end held no weight because there wasn’t much to tie it to the series in the first place.

The series is passable. It has tremendous flaws, but at it’s best you see what could be. Hopefully, next season is better.


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