Iron Fist – Episode 12 Review

This episode is all about trust…and distrust. I actually liked the Meachum family drama this time around. Jessica Stroup performed admirably. Once again, the women are consistently the best performers on the show. Sacha Dhawan is great as Davos too.

Bakuto proves his villain bonafides. Purple Man is still the best villain of the Netflix group, but Bakuto isn’t bad. Kingpin is still unmatched in menacing power. And no one will have the charisma and confidence of Cotton Mouth. I prefer Gao’s subtle mind games a tad bit more though. She wasn’t used to her full potential.

The fight choreography in this episode is excellent. Davos looks absolutely ruthless. Scenes like this tell what Iron Fist could have been. It’s unfortunate that every episode doesn’t have this quality.

The area from the execution scene in John Wick makes an appearance. It’s a good shot. The first of my complaints are that the first fight in this area ends unrealistically. Also, everyone is surprised when Davos does what Davos said he would do.

Some of the writing is cheesy, which is a problem that plagues the show. Regardless, this is one of the best episodes of the season. I don’t feel like the season finale is the next episode, which is strange given how the episode ends. We’ll see what comes though.


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