Iron Fist – Episode 11 Review

Episode 11 starts off well. I had the feeling that I would like this episode quite a bit. And I was right. I’m a fan of this episode. It doesn’t feel like I’m close to the finale though.

I’m a fan of good flashbacks, and this episode has them. I honestly wouldn’t have minded an entire episode of past events. They are too good.

I understand why Danny is acting the way he is, but I’m honestly annoyed with him. He’s not a child anymore. He’s so emotional when angry, and I can’t go along with it. That’s not Jones’ fault, as direction could’ve toned him down.

The plot doesn’t actually move forward in this episode, but it gives the impression that it does. Our one fight was awesome. The choreography here was great. I think that’s due to Henwick (or her stunt double) more than anything.

My earlier criticism of emotional Danny aside, the end of this episode had some of Jones’ best acting in the last 10 minutes. Much more subtle, and it proves that he has the chops but isn’t being used correctly.

On to the penultimate episode of the season.




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