Iron Fist – Episode 8 Review 

Episode 8 features a lot corporate fallout. I liked it quite a bit, and it consumes half the episode. 

Ward and Joy are dealing with last episodes events, and their issues with each other. Ward struggling under the pressure of all that’s happened. The Meachums are trying. 

The other half of the episode is about Danny’s quest for the truth. That part went how I thought it would. Regardless, I’m happy we got some answers. 

There were two fights this episode that I quite enjoyed. Unfortunately, the first, which I more wanted to see, took a backseat. 

The second was an attempted epic fight that features Danny looking very much not like the sworn defender of K’un-Lun. He looked more like Rocky. Disappointing. And too much talking. 

 Good ending though. I don’t think anyone won, but we’ll see if I’m proven right. 


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