Iron Fist – Episode 6 Review 

This episode has the ‘speaking cryptically for no reason’ problem. 

When trying to reassure someone, reassure them. Don’t say things for which they have no context. It never works. 

One of our characters is losing it. He’s so visibly messed up, but no one seems to care until he causes a problem. It’s one of those TV things I suppose. 

This episode features our first true martial arts displays. I’m not sure if the filming is the problem this time or the choreography, but something seemed off at times. It wasn’t that big a deal though. 

Danny has visions of someone from his home in K’un-Lun. I’m betting we’ll learn more about them soon. I love the nature of these vision and how they’re filmed. 

The ending of this episode shows that things are about to get real. 


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