Iron Fist – Episode 2 Review

Episode 2 of Iron Fist keeps the show in the same ‘meh’ territory I mention in my review of the first episode. At the same time, it’s a better meh than it was before. However, the acting is improved.

One thing I didn’t note in my review of the first episode is that there are too many instances of people trying to seem threatening. People threateningly getting into close proximity or people threateningly speaking to someone. I’ve rolled my eyes at it.

This show is not what I expected. Knowing that comic book Danny is such a great fighter, I expected this show to be a bit faster-paced. It’s obvious now that there is going to be less action than I thought, as well as a slower pace.

That being said, the ending of this episode leads me to believe that the plan is to slowly ratchet up the stakes and action, but I won’t know until I watch.

I think this show would have greatly benefitted from a different showrunner. Scott Buck is the same guy that made Dexter terrible. Unfortunately, Buck is also running Inhumans…We’ll see how that goes.

Narratively, the show is gradually opening up. We learn a little more here, a little more there. It appears to have more in common with Jessica Jones than Luke Cage or Daredevil.

One last thing…I do like how this show explicitly addresses the question of ‘How do people with powers exist, but so many people are met with skepticism?’. Episode 3 is next.


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