New Trek Films Don’t Have The Stuff

I’m currently doing a Star Trek rewatch. My Lost rewatch is still in progress, but I hate how the show ends so I’m taking it slow on that. I first finished a Voyager rewatch I had started a long time ago, and now I’m on The Next Generation.

Something that is abundantly clear when watching these series is that the newer Chris Pine films just don’t measure up. I love Star Wars and Star Trek, but one thing Trek has always had is heft. It regularly deals with questions and issues that make one think.

These rebooted films do not do that.Beyond is certainly the best film out of all of them, and I wish that the other two were more like it. I imagine that Simon Pegg had a lot to do with the increased quality of the 3rd film.

That’s not to say that I don’t enjoy them (except Into Darkness), but they aren’t really Star Trek to me. I would love more opinions on this.


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