Where Do We Go From Here?

I am deeply worried about our country. The President of the United States called the media “the enemy of the American people”. My heart is truly heavy, and it is heavy because I know that many of his supporters will agree with him. And even those in his party who disagree will likely remain silent in their opposition because their desire to remain in power trumps their desire to uphold the ideals of the country.

Our country has lost its way. As a nation, we have lost sight of the fact that the greatness of the United States is from the free exchange of ideas. You may believe one thing, and I may believe another, but we come together to find a path forward. And we do this because we both know that the other wants the country to be better than it was before.

Unfortunately, that no longer seems to be the case. Our politics has given in to faction, which Madison warned us of 230 years ago. He wrote:

By a faction, I understand a number of citizens, whether amounting to a majority or a minority of the whole, who are united and actuated by some common impulse of passion, or of interest, adversed to the rights of other citizens, or to the permanent and aggregate interests of the community.

This, more than any other threat, is what could destroy these United States of America. We all should be concerned when the chief executive of this country attacks the free press as an enemy. Or when he attacks the judiciary, while his press secretary categorizes a judge as “rogue”. Or when he appoints a white supremacist as his chief strategist.

He and his group of supporters have a tenuous stranglehold on the nation through the Republican Party. 

The members of the party rarely speak up for fear of losing support and power. Integrity seems to be in short supply. Even those charged with investigating serious occurrences are unwilling to do as such. It is cowardice. I suppose it is only to be expected at this point.

I do believe that the media played a role in this. They never thought that he would win, and now that he has, they want to get tough on him. Remember this clip from This Week? Rep. Keith Ellison warned that the possibility of the current presidency should be taken seriously and was greeted with laughter. Incidentally, Ellison is running for DNC Chair. I’m quite interested in what happens there.

It is important to note that the Democrats are not blameless here. They seem to want to have it both ways. The same Democrat will speak up for the little guy, then vote for the interests of a large corporation. 

We’ve seen that the best way to appeal to the American people is to meet them where they are and speak to the issues that matter to them. For all his faults, the president managed to get enough people on his side in states he wasn’t ‘supposed to win’ that he won the election. 

The Democrats have lost numerous elections on every level of government since 2008. Participation in the 2014 midterm election was the lowest in 72 years. Hearts and minds are being lost. This cannot stand.  

The last election featured the most disliked candidates of all time. Both parties have to do better.  I believe it is tremendously important for our politicians to get back to what matters most, the betterment of the nation.

Where are the successors to Inouye and Dole? These two men, from different parties, were great friends. They both knew what was truly important and worked tirelessly to do what they thought would help the nation. Maybe that came from their service in World War II, but war service cannot be all that binds us together.

Trust in our institutions is eroding. This cannot stand. The United States is losing itself. What use is a republic whose population distrusts the government? It is no use at all. The president encouraging his followers to believe in his being and not the country is exactly what we do not need.

I worry for us. I wonder where we go from here.


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This post has been updated for clarification. 


2 thoughts on “Where Do We Go From Here?

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  1. I disagree wholeheartedly. What passes for the press has become the enemy of the people, attacking Americans while deluding and pandering to Liberals, Progressives, and angry, covetous minority groups. Also, some of the Judiciary, including the rogue in the PNW, are equally the enemy by their own actions of judicial tyranny.

    But yes, you’d better take President Trump seriously because he’s taking our domestic enemies seriously and he’s taking the betterment of our nation seriously. But then, those are the reasons you and others fear, loath, and hate him so much.

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