My Newest Gaming Addictions

Image from Joycity and PlayStation

Lately, I’ve been playing two games more than any others. Interestingly enough, they’re both free-to-play games. 3on3 Freestyle and Warframe. I’ll talk about both here, but I’ll mostly focus on 3on3 as it was more of a surprise.

Warframe is an MMORPG about beings called Tenno. The Tenno go on missions to gain rewards using suits called Warframes. Frames have different abilities and skills. What I love about Warframe is that I never feel disadvantaged for not paying. Weapons and Warframes are all able to be earned through playing with reasonable effort.

It’s very sci-fi fantasy, which I’m a huge fan of. There’s a lot of lore that I am still exploring, and I’m having a blast doing it.

3on3 Freestyle was a huge surprise for me. It has a cel shaded style similar to The Wind Waker. I wasn’t expecting much, but I was wrong. Each character in 3on3 has a different skill set, abilities, and personality. For example, Kim is a Korean-American shooting guard. Her specialty is shooting from 3, and her skills are about creating space to shoot.

There’s an incredible amount of depth. Skills include jab steps, hop steps, fadeaways, and other moves. Another thing that adds to the game is the prestige system. Each character starts with three skills and a passive ability. For every prestige rank, a character gains another skill. However, only one character can be max prestige.

The game is incredibly balanced. Every character can dominate in the right hands. My only wish is that the game had a full soundtrack. But it’s still in beta so maybe that’s coming.

You can find Warframe on PS4, Xbox One, and PC. 3on3 Freestyle is available on PS4.


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