Nier: Automata Demo Impressions


2B in combat.
SquareEnix/Platinum Games

Last month, Sony released a demo for Nier: Automata. I’m clearly a tad late getting to this one, but it’s now on the ‘Buy’ list. SquareEnix and Platinum have a definite gem on their hands.

Though it’s a sequel to Nier, Automata doesn’t seem to be connected to the original’s story too much. In this new game, you play as an android named 2B, supported by her comrade, 9S.

The demo takes place in an industrial factory setting with 2B looking to find, and destroy, a giant war machine. Off the bat, you see that this game is beautiful. I played on a PS4, so I can’t comment on any improvements on the Pro.

As is typical with games made by Platinum, the combat is fast and fun. Even better, it runs at a smooth 60 fps. 2B is armed with two swords, a katana and a short sword. The two swords are able to be switched as primary and secondary weapons for different moves and combos.

2B also has support machines called pods. The pod in the demo provides 2B with a long-range weapon gun-like weapon. The pod can also execute a more powerful attack that recharges with time.

There were a few enemy types in the demo, and they were quite fun to destroy. As the demo progressed, some enemies used armor, which required close-range combat to destroy it. This bodes well for the full release.

One of the most interesting things about the Automata demo was the various perspective changes. I battled in over-the-shoulder, top down, and other perspectives. There’s also a great use of depth when traversing the map.

Nier: Automata went from a game that was on my radar to a game that I must get based on this demo. If you want to try it out for yourself, there’s still plenty of time. Nier: Automata releases March 7 on PlayStation 4, with a PC version also due sometime this year.


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