How Realistic Are Hillary’s Goals?

One of the most common criticisms of Bernie Sanders is that his goals are totally unrealistic. He wants free college and free universal healthcare! That’s insane! How can he possibly expect to get these lofty goals in a divided Congress? That’s not a bad question to ask by any means, but let’s apply some of that realism to this divided Congress. President Obama could not get this Republican Party to pass its own ideas, so why do people believe that Hillary Clinton will be able to get any of her ideas through Congress? They have been campaigning against her for years because, as everyone knows, it was obvious that Hillary had intentions to run again in 2016. This GOP has spent how much money on Benghazi hearings? Bernie Sanders may have some very high political dreams, but from where I sit, both he and Hillary are going to have to deal with this divided Congress. And again, the Republican Party wouldn’t even vote for its own ideas! They don’t care about pragmatism. This link has all you need to know about the situation. For some, the video may not load unless you’re on a pc. It’s worth checking out.


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