The Clinton Campaign Has No Idea What It’s Doing

I mean just what the title says. The Clinton Campaign has no idea what it’s doing. If you pay attention to politics, you know that the Iowa caucuses and New Hampshire primary are coming up very soon. Hillary Clinton previously held a tremendous lead over Bernie Sanders, but the most recent polls show that is no longer the case. The most recent MSNBC/Wall Street Journal/Marist poll show Clinton with a 3-point lead over Sanders, 48% to 45%. I make no secret of the fact that I am a Sanders supporter so I love this new polling data. The most recent Quinnipiac poll has Sanders at 49%, with a 5-point lead over Clinton at 44%. It’s important to note that these results are of likely voters.

The Clinton campaign’s response to Bernie’s surge in the polls has been to attack Senator Sanders on issues such as guns and healthcare(?). Chelsea Clinton, apparently acting without the Clinton campaign’s knowledge, decided to go after Bernie on his plans for healthcare. I’ll direct you to PolitiFact’s ruling on that one (Mostly False). For her part, Hillary Clinton is now making the attack that Sanders is cozy with the gun lobby. This stems from a vote Senator Sanders made back in 2005 that protected gun manufacturers from being prosecuted due to the actions of people who bought said guns.

These actions taken by the Clinton campaign make no sense. The fact is that Hillary Clinton is not viewed as a very trustworthy individual, meanwhile Bernie Sanders is thought of as an honest man. When you take that into consideration, it then seems incredibly boneheaded for the Clinton campaign to respond to Bernie’s improved poll numbers with attacks that at best could be described as inadvertent mischaracterizations. This is a man whose record on progressive issues goes back decades. The run-of-the-mill political attack strategy is not the way to go because the target of the attacks is not a run-of-the-mill politician. The Clinton campaign is not making good decisions.

And there’s one last thing. The Sanders campaign recently put out a new ad in which the senator says some people think you can regulate Wall Street after taking millions in donations from them, while he would break them up and make them less risk-prone. The Clinton campaign’s response to this ad has been to call out Sanders for going negative and attacking her. As many people know, by attacking Sanders for this ad, it only makes it more likely that news media will give it attention. Even worse is the fact that the ad does not show or mention Clinton by name, meaning the Clinton campaign is essentially saying that they view the ad as valid criticism. I say all that to say this: The Clinton campaign has no idea what it’s doing.


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