In truth, I don’t know how to word this post. A white man goes into one of the most historically significant black churches in the country and kills 9 innocent people, and there has to be a debate on whether or not it is racially motivated. Nevermind the fact this man has pictures of himself wearing the flags of Rhodesia and apartheid South Africa. We have a possible presidential candidate saying that this was an accident. We have the most popular of all the news channels trying to make every excuse for the motivation behind this act of domestic terrorism. And of course, we have the people saying that another mass shooting isn’t reason enough for new gun legislation.

It is incredibly tiring seeing these stories in the news. It is so incredibly tiring seeing the same Facebook posts about there’s no such thing as race and ignorant rants from uninformed people. How many times do we have to experience the same tragedies before we enough is enough? Progress is being held back because the United States has an inability to recognize its sordid past. Too many would rather repeatedly speak clichéd platitudes after the deaths of innocents than prevent the deaths of those innocents in the first place. Is the resolve of America so weak? It is hard to believe otherwise. I’m sure many readers have seen Jon Stewart’s comments on the matter by now. If you have not, please click the link. How long will this country allow these events to happen?

We are still fighting the same fights from generations past. And too many don’t acknowledge it. As tiring as it is to have to see these events in the news again, those of us who want progress can’t ever give up because we know that if the United States ever lived up to the ideals set forth during its founding it would truly be the greatest country on earth. But maybe it’s just a pipe dream.


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