New Experiences, Courtesy of Being Active

I recently returned from Fargo, ND. It was a great experience. Up until my departure from Charlotte Douglas, I had never been on a plane before. We flew to Minneapolis/St. Paul and drove the rest of the way. The Mall of America is a place I have wanted to see for years, and I got to visit it thanks to UNC Charlotte. Fun fact: Nickelodeon-themed roller coasters are not automatically for children. I screamed like a child on a Fairly OddParents roller coaster.

I attended NACURH (National Association of College and University Residence Halls) with some my fellow Niners at North Dakota State University. I had previously volunteered at the regional conference (SAACURH) held at UNC Charlotte, but this was the first time I had attended a conference as a delegate. It was a busy, wonderful time. One of the most important revelations from this conference is my newfound interest in Student Affairs. I really think that would be a career I would love and be great in. I also got some great gear from some of the other colleges and universities.

North Dakota was an experience in itself. I loved the weather and atmosphere of Fargo. I loved the air, and the lack of humidity. I also had the greatest pancakes in history at this place called The Shack. In the future, it would be nice to withdraw to a relaxation spot in one of the less densely populated states like ND sometimes.

So two of my most desired experiences (flying and visiting the MoA) happened thanks to my involvement on campus. Being involved is worth it in ways you don’t imagine when you first arrive to college. And this was all free. I assume this is what it’s like for people that get to travel to various locales on company money. That must be the life.


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