The Tide So Far

So I’ve been trying out a 30-day trial of Tidal, the relaunched artist-owned music service owned by Jay Z and company. I like it a lot. I like that you can watch music videos or read articles if you so wish. I have been using it on my phone (Moto X). I think the price is a somewhat valid criticism, but what I don’t think is a valid criticism of the service is the press conference that was used to announce it. Yes, the artists in the conference were all very rich, but every artist isn’t. That’s what is supposed to be taken away from the conference. Tidal will pay indie artists more than Spotify (the most comparable service). The fact is that unless you’re a mega music star, you’re getting screwed on the money. Is $9.99 a month really too much to pay for financial security? I don’t think so. I’m going to be cancelling my trial however (the poor college student life is real). That was a good twist, right?


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