I was always an inquisitive child. I often asked questions. One of the things I questioned most was the belief that some things are good and some are bad/evil. For example, light is typically seen as good, while darkness is typically seen as bad/evil. But why? They’re both essential to our lives. Anger and violence are just as necessary to life. I don’t believe that non-violence is always the answer, though I do think it should always be the choice taken until it is no longer an option. (Side note: I’ve always been more of a Malcolm X guy, though I love the Black Panther Party the most.) I have come to believe that life is about balance. I think all of us believe it to a degree (Too much of a good thing, building/destroying, what goes up must come down). It’s okay to experience the full spectrum of emotions. They’re all normal parts of our humanity. It’s okay to like the dark. Enjoy the totality of life. Enjoy the totality of your humanity. Enjoy the balance.


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