The Independent’s Struggle

It’s hard to be an independent. We all have our leanings, and mine is obviously left.  I have yet to see a Republican candidate I could vote for. There have been a few that had me fooled for some time, but then their true colors were shown. The modern Republican Party is crazy. I say crazy because foolish ideologues and know-nothings are the ones who get the most attention. What makes it worse is the base being responsible for this. The base wants people like Ted Cruz to lead, even though Ted Cruz would never win a presidential election. Mitt Romney portrayed himself as an ultra-conservative during the primaries, but he portrayed himself as a moderate after he won the nomination. He was beaten soundly, and the base responded by saying he wasn’t conservative enough. The party elite thinks they have a good idea by putting brown faces in front of their ideas instead. I really wonder why I’m still an independent sometimes. But that’s the struggle of being independent.


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