The Return of Mitt Romney

Since the Wednesday after Election Day in November Mitt Romney, the man of many headlines who quickly became the Republican recluse, has fervently avoided the public eye. He and his loving family have been relaxing (and recovering) for the last three and a half months in the same place many average Americans go to get over a dismal defeat; their beach home in La Jolla, California. For those of you who are not getting it I am being facetious.

In my first post for the Independent Left I wanted to be first to tell my conservative friends that Former Governor Mitt Romney is stepping out of his shell to grace the Americans he loves so much (and the 47% he doesn’t) to speak at the Conservative Political Action Conference in March being held in Prince George’s County, MD. Along with the former Republican Presidential Candidate will be his former running mate Rep. Paul Ryan who will give the Keynote Speech. With President Obama and Rep. Boehner at each others’ necks over spending cuts and increasing taxes, concern over the national debt, and the recent gun violence debates, it is anyone’s guess as to what Mitt Romney will choose to mention at the CPAC. One thing that is certain is that there will be many Thank you’s to his supporters and many more apologies for losing. Check out the links from the Huffington Post and Politico for more details on Mitt Romney speaking at CPAC.

Mitt Romney To Speak At CPAC

Mitt Romney: “I’m not going away.”


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