LAPD and Chris Dorner

Hopefully, this post isn’t the first time you’ve read about Christopher Dorner. He’s a former LAPD officer who is at the center of a massive manhunt on the west coast. He’s allegedly killed three people, including another officer. But the story gets crazier from there. Dorner wrote a manifesto proclaiming that he had witnessed a fellow officer using excessive force and reported her. This crossing of the ‘blue line’ is what is got him fired. Dorner also has claimed that the LAPD is full of corruption and has vowed to wage a one-man war against it using his police and military training.

I think what Dorner is doing is wrong, and based on my reading of his manifesto, I think he does as well. However, he obviously feels that what he is doing is worth it to ‘clear his name’. I do feel that the LAPD is corrupt. I have many reasons to think so. But I do not think Dorner is making the right choices here. This man will not survive, and the LAPD will stay as it is. That’s how I think this will end. Some think that saying that the LAPD is corrupt equals saying that the murder of innocents is okay. That is a foolish assumption. Dorner is very much in the wrong. However, that does not mean that a discourse on the ethics of the Los Angeles Police Department is impossible.

Speaking of those ethics, the LAPD only hurt their own reputation by shooting at random people who they think is Christopher Dorner. I’m sure those two Asian women won’t sue. They probably understand how easy it is to confuse a 6’0+ black man with two Asian women driving a vehicle that doesn’t match the suspect’s at all. Simple mistake.

And to further complicate matters, law enforcement is using drones to look for him. Some think they might be weaponized. I’m not so sure about that, but we’ll see how this story turns out. Stay tuned.


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