Recommendations – Void Beast

If you don't know, I'm a part of some nerdy communities on Facebook. One connection made there is my man, Matthew Jones. Matthew recently published his own short story series, "Void Beast".  It stars Takeo Johnson (TJ). TJ is a martial artist and werewolf dealing with zombies and missing girls. I'm a fan. What else... Continue Reading →

Collective Embarrassment 

There's a certain feeling that many black people are accustomed to feeling. It's that feeling of embarrassment for the entire black community when a fellow black person is acting out in public. You feel like all the non-black folks witnessing the events are judging you guilty by association.  That's the unfortunate reality of being a... Continue Reading →

Will & Grace Returns! 

I was just going about my morning when I find out that Will & Grace is coming back this fall. I'm super excited about this. I adored the show. And all of the gang is returning! Hopefully, it's not terrible. 

Trump’s Syria Strike Is Not Abnormal 

President Trump and his administration is an ongoing disaster for the United States. However, that doesn't mean that every decision he makes is a new low in the presidency. By now, you've probably read or uheard about the US missile strike in Syria. PolitiFact Wisconsin rated a statement by Rep. Mark Pocan that "There is no legal basis... Continue Reading →

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