I was bullied for over a decade but pageantry has helped me increase my self-confidence!

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Throughout my years in elementary, middle, and high school I experienced bullying every day. This bullying ranged from being jumped in a bathroom, having trash stuffed in my mouth, having people dump food on my plate during lunch and call me anorexic and/or bulimic, etc. I rode the bus on and off throughout school and almost every time I would get home I would cry…sometimes for hours. To this day I can vividly remember crying on the bus after school, crying on my mom’s white staircase, and of course crying in bed. To describe how bullying accurately made me feel is almost impossible because in many ways it is indescribable. I experienced both physical and verbal assaults but the verbal assaults had longer lasting impressions. When you are bullied at school, you bring it home with you and most of the time torture yourself…constantly trying to figure if I…

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Iron Fist – Episode 13 Review

For some reason, this episode opens with Meachum plots. I don't want too much of this in a season finale. Danny is the star so let's only focus on him. I saw the Stan Lee poster. *As an aside, Lee's health is not good. I hope he pulls through, but he's pushing to a century.... Continue Reading →

Iron Fist – Episode 12 Review

This episode is all about trust...and distrust. I actually liked the Meachum family drama this time around. Jessica Stroup performed admirably. Once again, the women are consistently the best performers on the show. Sacha Dhawan is great as Davos too. Bakuto proves his villain bonafides. Purple Man is still the best villain of the Netflix... Continue Reading →

Iron Fist – Episode 11 Review

Episode 11 starts off well. I had the feeling that I would like this episode quite a bit. And I was right. I'm a fan of this episode. It doesn't feel like I'm close to the finale though. I'm a fan of good flashbacks, and this episode has them. I honestly wouldn't have minded an... Continue Reading →

Iron Fist – Episode 10 Review 

A big issue I have with this show is that it seems to lack focus. Maybe that's not the correct term. It's not sharp. It's trying, but that's not enough.  Anyway, this episode is about Danny trying to learn more about a mysterious possible ally. It seems as though there is no trust to be... Continue Reading →

Iron Fist – Episode 9

Some of the early events in this episode are unbelievable, and not in a good way. I can't imagine the police not being called.  I'd also think Matt Murdock would've been called, but that's just me. These shows are mostly independent, even when it doesn't make sense.  On the corporate side, I don't understand a... Continue Reading →

Iron Fist – Episode 8 Review 

Episode 8 features a lot corporate fallout. I liked it quite a bit, and it consumes half the episode.  Ward and Joy are dealing with last episodes events, and their issues with each other. Ward struggling under the pressure of all that's happened. The Meachums are trying.  The other half of the episode is about... Continue Reading →

Iron Fist – Episode 7

This is the first episode that critics haven't seen. There's a fight early, and it's well choreographed. Good sign.  Things on the corporate side aren't so great, and some consequences from last episode have to be dealt with. It's coming to a head.  There is romance in this episode. It was inevitable, but I thought... Continue Reading →

Iron Fist – Episode 6 Review 

This episode has the 'speaking cryptically for no reason' problem.  When trying to reassure someone, reassure them. Don't say things for which they have no context. It never works.  One of our characters is losing it. He's so visibly messed up, but no one seems to care until he causes a problem. It's one of... Continue Reading →

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