The New Yorker On Trump and Putin 

This is one of the great long-form reads. I urge everyone to read this piece from the New Yorker on Putin and the president. I truly believe it will be a classic. 

New Trek Films Don’t Have The Stuff

I’m currently doing a Star Trek rewatch. My Lost rewatch is still in progress, but I hate how the show ends so I’m taking it slow on that. I first finished a Voyager rewatch I had started a long time ago, and now I’m on The Next Generation. Something that is abundantly clear when watching these series…

The DNC Needs Ellison As Chair

I watched Rep. Keith Ellison (D-MN) on The Daily Show and cemented my view of him. Ellison is exactly what the party needs. A Democratic Party led by him would win big time. The full video is a 20-minute interview. I urge you to watch it for yourself and form your own opinions. Watch the video…

Saturday Remembrance

Here’s an old one. Yahoo used to have a contributor network in which writers could have their work published on the site. I submitted a few things there. This was my first piece, “The Myth of Moderate Mitt”.

Where Do We Go From Here?

I am deeply worried about our country. The President of the United States called the media “the enemy of the American people”. My heart is truly heavy, and it is heavy because I know that many of his supporters will agree with him. And even those in his party who disagree will likely remain silent…

My Newest Gaming Addictions

Lately, I’ve been playing two games more than any others. Interestingly enough, they’re both free-to-play games. 3on3 Freestyle and Warframe. I’ll talk about both here, but I’ll mostly focus on 3on3 as it was more of a surprise. Warframe is an MMORPG about beings called Tenno. The Tenno go on missions to gain rewards using…

Music Monday 2/6/17

I’ve been listening to Big Sean’s new album I Decided. I like it much more than Dark Sky Paradise.  I particularly like “Moves” and “Jump Out The Window”. The latter reminds me of older Sean mixtapes. 

Democrats are Preparing for 2018 Now

2017 may have just started, but preparations for the 2018 midterms are already underway. The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee aims to take the House. As reported by The Washington Post, the DCCC is looking at 20 districts currently held by Republicans. Rep. Ben Ray Lujan (D-NM), DCCC Chairman, says preparing for a campaign this early…

Amazon and Aaron McGruder are Making a New Series

I saw this at the A.V. Club. Amazon is teaming up with Aaron McGruder to make a new series. McGruder created The Boondocks, which was a fantastic show on Adult Swim. That final season without McGruder was utter garbage though. All we know is that the show will take place in an alternate universe.

Lost is So Annoying

I’m going through Lost again. I like this show, but it doesn’t make sense. So much of the conflict of this show is driven by characters purposefully being cryptic. I’m currently on “Through the Looking Glass”, and I’m so annoyed by Ben. All of the Others are annoying. They always seem surprised when the Survivors don’t…